A Team Traffic is what we like to call a Semi-Professional Traffic Exchange Network.

What this means is that unlike most Traffic Exchanges which have an obsession with giving away the world for free, we have created an environment where our paying members get the greatest benefits. The result of this is that we have a high concentration of Upgraded members which is great news for all of our members, as Paying members are PROVEN BUYERS!

  • Most fully Professional Traffic Exchanges (ones made up entirely of Paid members) fail to deliver. The fact is most people that pay to use a Traffic Exchange do so as they don't have the want or need to surf through websites to earn Traffic, so you end up with a system full of Paid members that don't make use of the system.
    With our Semi Professional approach we have captured the balance between these members that pay for the services, and also having Free members who are happy to surf in order to earn Traffic. The end result of this is that we have a system where our Paid Members will also surf due to the fact that they are receiving more Traffic to their websites. So we have Proven Buyers actively surfing on our exchange!

  • By creating this environment we increase the chances of members upgrading. What this means for you is there is a much greater chance of earning commission

  • Earning Commission from Referral sales is the best way to earn money on any Traffic Exchange. Part of our purpose at A Team Traffic is to educate our members about the difference it can make to your online income when you choose to Upgrade your account.
    What would you rather do? Spend 8 hours a day clicking frantically for $0.10, or wouldn't you rather learn about the benefits that come from Upgrading?
    You have to speculate to accumulate. By spending a small amount of money on premium advertising products every month you will massively increase your chances of earning real residual income.

  • We have Upgrades starting from just $1.50 per month. Some of the best value and most affordable Upgrades on any Traffic Exchange. This pricing structure is designed to help you to succeed, $1.50 is less than the cost of your average cup of coffee so anyone can afford to upgrade at A Team Traffic
    So when you Upgrade your account and start promoting your affiliate link. The members you signup will be drawn to our affordable upgrades making it much more likely that they will upgrade, and earn you commission in the process!

  • We strive to provide High Quality Traffic with the use of Premium Timer Lengths. Some Traffic Exchanges have timers so short that websites don't even load before a member can move on to the next one, what's the point of that? Members of A Team Traffic will be required to spend up to 7 seconds at every site they surf to, significantly increasing the value of the Traffic we provide.

  • Register for FREE and surf just 100 sites to get a Signup Bonus of 250 Credits & 500 Banner/Text Ad Exposures.

  • Earn 0.3 hit credits for every members website you visit.

  • 12 second surf timer, ensures High Quality Traffic..

  • When you refer a new member to us you will earn 5% of the credits which they earn from surfing.

  • You will earn 10% commission when any of your referrals makes a purchase, including when they buy One Time and Login Offers.

  • As a FREE member you can promote 2 Websites, 2 Banner Adverts and 2 Text Adverts. We allow the use of rotators as long as they are managed responsibly!

  • We have Upgrade levels to Suit Every Budget, with prices starting from just $1.50 per month.

  • When you Upgrade you can get a credit earn of up to 2.0 credits for every single site you visit.

  • Upgraded members surf timer will be reduced as low as 4 seconds.

  • Get up to 1,500 Credits, 15,000 Banner Exposures and 15,000 Text Exposures per month as part of your upgrade.

  • You will get Massively increased benefits from referring new members to us!
    Earn up to 25% of the credits earned by your referrals when they surf the exchange.
    Commission made from your referrals making a purchase as high as 50%, including when they buy One Time & Login Offers!

  • Get the ability to promote up to 20 Websites, 20 Banner Adverts & 20 Text Adverts!

  • And to top things off, if you upgrade to Major or Colonel level, you will get Random Referrals

So after all of that are you still looking for a reason why you should join us???
Click the link below to Join FREE NOW, and see for yourself just what it means to be a part of....The A-Team


Dewayne Goodwin

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